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Tsubaki Nagayama (永山椿) was born on January 12, 2010, and is the youngest member of Lucky2 and GL2 Family.


Tsubaki was born in Okinawa Prefecture to a family of five with two little brothers[3], and was a student at EXPG Okinawa. From the age of 4, she attended an international school in which she learned to speak English.[4]


Tsubaki (椿) is the Japanese name for Camellia, a type of flower.

Nagayama (永山) uses the kanji 永 (Ei; Forever), and 山 (Yama; Mountain).


Bittomo x Heroine Kirameki Powers!

In 2021, Tsubaki was confirmed to play Kirari Momose in Bittomo x Heroine Kirameki Powers! after passing through auditions.


On June 13th, 2021, a special announcement was announced at Lovely2's online live. It was revealed that there was going to be a new girl group, with Tsubaki being one of the members. The group was announced to be called Lucky2 and their debut single, Fun! Fun! Fun! ~Yume Mugendai~ was announced to be the first opening of Bittomo x Heroine Kirameki Powers, the 5th instalment of the Girls x Heroine series.

On October 1st, Tsubaki and her fellow members of Lucky2 were announced to be the next OhaGirls after the remaining members of Girls2 graduated. She, along with Hiiro weree the Monday OhaGirls until their graduation on March 25th, 2022.


TV Appearances

Year Title Role Notes
2021 - Bittomo x Heroine Kirameki Powers! Kirari Momose Main Role
2021- Oha Suta Oha Girl Regular


Year Title Role Notes
2021 Police x Heroine Lovepatrina!: The Movie Mysterious Girl Cameo


  1. Tsubaki is known for loving Goya (bitter melon), a food not commonly liked among kids for its bitter flavor.
  2. Her skill is to get along well with little kids.
  3. Her hobbies are drawing and playing the piano.
  4. Tsubaki is the youngest member in the entirety of GL2 Family, being born in 2010. This also makes her the first and only member to be born in the 10s.
  5. Though she's the youngest member of Lucky2, she's the eldest sibling in her family.
    • As revealed in her March 27, 2022 blog post: her little brothers are in the same school year even though they're not twins. The first brother was born in April and the youngest brother was born in March of the next year.
    • Tsubaki also claimed that one of these brothers also believed that she really had powers, and really was the "Heroine of the Sun" in Kirameki Powers.
  6. Revealed in another blog post, Tsubaki shared a video from when she was younger, where she called herself Kirari, which ended up to be the name of her character in Kirameki Powers.
  7. Tsubaki is left-handed, as seen in a livestream where she was drawing with her left hand.


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