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Hiiro Fukasawa (深澤日彩) was born on November 11, 2006 and is the eldest member of Lucky2.


Hiiro was born in Tochigi Prefecture to a family of five, and has an older sister and a little sister[2]. She is a graduate of EXPG Tokyo.

On April 1, 2022, Hiiro announced that she had joined EXPG High School.


Hiiro (日彩) uses the kanji 日 (Hi; Day), and 彩 (Aya; Color).

Fukasawa (深澤) uses the kanji 深 (Fuka; Deep), and 澤 (Sawa; Pool).


Bittomo x Heroine Kirameki Powers!

In 2021, Hiiro was confirmed to play Yuzuki Shimori in Bittomo x Heroine Kirameki Powers! after passing through auditions.


On June 13th, 2021, a special announcement was announced at Lovely2's online live. It was revealed that there was going to be a new girl group, with Hiiro being one of the members. The group was announced to be called Lucky2 and their debut single, Fun! Fun! Fun! ~Yume Mugendai~ was revealed to be the first opening of Bittomo x Heroine Kirameki Powers, the 5th instalment of the Girls x Heroine series.

On October 1st, Hiiro and her fellow members of Lucky2 were announced to be the next OhaGirls after the remaining members of Girls2 graduated. She, along with Tsubaki were the Monday Oha Girls until their graduation on March 25th, 2022.


TV Appearances

Year Title Role Notes
2021 - Bittomo x Heroine Kirameki Powers! Yuzuki Shimori Main Role
2021- Oha Suta Oha Girl Regular


Year Title Role Notes
2021 Police x Heroine Lovepatrina!: The Movie Mysterious Girl Cameo


  1. Hiiro participated in the model category of Kirachalle in 2017.
    • Fellow member Yura was also a competitor in the same year and category.
  2. Hiiro's special skill is to remember people's names and faces.
  3. Hiiro's hobbies are listening to music and researching about fashion.
  4. She likes to play with little kids.
  5. Her favorite color is purple.
  6. Hiiro's favourite food is salmon, with her least favourite food being cheese.
  7. Although not confirmed, it is believed that Hiiro's older sister is Runa Fukasawa, EXPG Tokyo student and member of EXPG Tokyo TikTok team, Papillon.
    • Runa also made an appearance in GaruGaku: Girls Garden, as the ghost of a former student council president who haunts the school.


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